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    • You can support by establishing in your name or that of a loved one an Endowment Fund. With the initial investment untouched, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will continue giving for many years.

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        Endowing a donation of {{totalEndowing|dfcurrency:"$":0}} over a {{selectedPledgeYears.yearRange}} year period can be seen in the illustration below.

      • The {{totalEndowing|dfcurrency:"$":0}} commitment is made up of {{selectedPledgeYears.yearRange}} payment(s) of {{donation|dfcurrency:"$":0}}.

      • Your donation will be invested at a rate of approximately {{roiDisplay}}.

      • From the {{roiDisplay}} of income generation, approximately {{disburse}}% will be directed to your program of support. The endowment calculator shows the continued impact of the donation.

      • An annual administration fee of {{fees}}% will be deducted from the {{roiDisplay}} approximate income. The remainder from the {{roiDisplay}} approximate income generated will be added to the capital of your fund.

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      Annual Endowment Growth

      Disbursement Amount: {{disburse}}%, Fees Rate: {{fees}}%, Reinvestment Amount: {{reinvest}}%

      Impact of Donation

      Disbursement Amount: {{disburse}}%, Fees Rate: {{fees}}%, Reinvestment Amount: {{reinvest}}%